Thursday, May 19, 2011

Car vs. Steed


Day two of road-trip-adventures-for-the-sake-of-photography: after a fun shoot involving horses and x-box controllers, my car broke down on the way home. It could have been bad, but God was definitely watching out for me. The engine overheated and stopped suddenly, but while I could have been going 60 mph on the interstate, I had pulled off the ramp. A very sweet couple helped me push my car out of the road and gave me a ride to McDonalds. The hubby was still at work so my awesome dad and brother came and picked me up. Nothing could be done for the car so we came back to look at it the next day. My uncle fixed the hose and we got it home in one piece so the engine can get repaired by my super cool uncle. And because of this  I learned three things:

a.) God is awesome

b.) Family is awesome

c.) Cars and driving stink

I did have a lot of fun taking pictures of the horses in the fields where we were shooting. I think they are one of the most beautiful animals in the whole world. I wish we still drove these instead of cars!


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