Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Juneau’s got a boyfriend

Or rather an arranged marriage. She got to meet Max a few weeks ago (under scrutinizing supervision since neither of them are fixed/neutered). I took these really horrible pictures, I’ll get some better ones later I promise. Max is so sweet and chill and HUGE compared to Juneau. He’s a big ball of fluff. Max marched right in to greet her and then proceeded to mark everything in the backyard including her. After no time they were playing and at one point they poised on the couch like a little cute couple. We hope they liked their first date because I really want Juneau to have puppies down the road Smile (not yet though, she needs to wait to grow up first).  Max is pretty cool though, the two of them together= best puppies ever.


They were so busy smelling everything that they look a lot like cattle.DSC_0188

Juneau seems to be pretty happy with this arrangement (aka “someone to play with!!!!”)DSC_0189

We were watching The Lord of the Rings and didn’t want any unsupervised activity going on while we couldn’t watch them so they just stared at each other through the window for  a little while. Must be love.


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