Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Rains

not to be confused with “ The Runs”


Today I took pictures for two Graduations and two banquets. I’ll be on the road tomorrow going to North Carolina… then Florence, SC Monday…. Camden SC Tuesday… Charleston, SC Wednesday… back to Florence  on Thursday, Friday, Saturday…and then Charleston on Sunday….and really I could keep going like that.  It’s the summer on the road, which would be mildly fun if      1.) I enjoyed driving. 2. )     I wasn’t by myself.        3. ) I wasn’t driving and working my derriere off and driving back tired.


I’m going a little crazy taking pictures and beginning to loathe it more and more. I find myself being less creative and more cookie cutter as I try to get people’s shoots over with. I find myself shooting the same shots in same locations which was a goal of mine not to do. I’m realizing that I enjoy taking pictures for arts sake. I like mulling over ideas, concepts and representations much more than taking a couples picture holding hands. Weddings in themselves are a whole new rant topic that I’ll spare you of.


WHICH IS WHY! after I was done working today, I took my camera for a little date. Just he and I and a small valley in the rain to take pictures for rest and relaxation: to remind me why I enjoy a camera. The peacefulness of God’s creation, that’s what does it folks. If you feel like you’ve gotten the wind kicked out of you, plop yourselves down in the great outdoors. I dare you not to be inspired by God’s artwork out there. It’s a heck of a lot more restoring than being inspired by pin interest. We can all go look at a beautiful thing on the internet, but to actually sit and taste the humidity, feel the rain, smell that un-replicable smell, it’s such a blessing. So thanks God, for a little bit of beauty to keep my soul going.


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