Sunday, May 8, 2011

Interiors: Décor from the Middle East (part II)

I found great joy in noticing the small details of the decorative items found inside buildings and homes. While we stick to rectangles, they aren’t afraid of fluid shape. They make thick cutouts into stone to create high contrast patterns from the shadows cast from shapes. There is great craftsmanship in the painted tiles and patterned walls, inlaid windows, and carved wood.

DSC_0623This simple staircase held beauty in the gradual falling of light from the open balcony. This was taken in the summer palace where there are many a hallway with a single light source. DSC_0630

Again emphasis on light and color make these windows the main feature of any room. The repetition of design is repeated in everything: the frames of windows and doors, the tiling in the floor and ceiling and walls. Main shapes such as a “keyhole” might be repeated throughout the whole structure.


Texture, pattern, repetition and symbolism are a large part of room accessories such as these fabric brocades and tapestries :


Here are some wood and tile work examples:



See how they used the star/flower shape in the doors carving and then mimicked it with the door handle.DSC_0584


When it comes to a finishing touch, they sure don’t skimp on the ceilings. They can be the crown of a room. The last photo (right) is a tent roof from the inside of a restaurant.


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