Sunday, May 8, 2011

Interiors: Décor from the Middle East (part I)

I took these photos in Lebanon  last year. I will forever be in awe of the middle east’s sense of design and décor. The architecture is nothing but pure rhythm and symmetry, easy on the eye and yet wildly intricate. I’m envious of the finely woven rugs and the light airy spaces in homes. Most homes had balcony's with gorgeous views to air dry laundry and such. Exteriors of homes were usually bland and neutral blending into the surroundings, while the interiors popped with color and life.


My beautiful sister in law is posing in a beautiful BATHROOM! That’s right, three intricately carved sofas in a bathroom. The sink was made of hand carved stone. Take note of the beautiful tile work on the floor.












Our windows here in the states can be so boring compared to the beautiful geometric arches found in a lot of homes and restaurants in Lebanon. They really know how to frame a pretty view.


This beautiful sunny villa was on the side of a mountain and belonged to friends. They leave the doors and windows open creating circulating air. Their kitchen was to die for with it’s modern handles, custom butcher block and gigantic gas range.



Below is Hobo the poodle (found in a trash bin and rescued) showing off his house. As you can see behind him is a platform couch made of a wooden base and a mattress on top with bolster pillows. These were common for window seating or living areas. The entire living area and dining room was tiled in geometric patterns. There was a beautiful little area with books for reading next to a gas stove in the living room but my picture of it was blurry.


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