Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Using available light

Usually when I say this phrase, people will think: sunshine, outdoors, window light.


The point of my post to today is to encourage you to think of light in creative ways. It’s everywhere and can be accessed. You don’t have to have fancy-pancy studio lights to do some of the dramatic portraiture you can see on flickr and elsewhere.

here are some sources that people often overlook

1. using a car’s headlights. There's some powerful strobes packed in those things! I took this at the wedding last weekend after spotting one of the bridesmaids pulling away from the party tent. I ran to stop her from leaving so I could use her headlights and she politely obliged.



c_r16I really love these headlight shots from my friend snixie on her blog HERE. She is ridiculously awesome at what she does.





2. using park/public building flood lamps.  This shot was taken at our state house using the lights in the ground that are used to highlight the statues.


3. street lamps. Light up from above! This shot was from a lamppost out in the country:


4. lit signs Christmas lights or random found outdoor bulbs. This couple had a platter that was signed by their guests. It wasn’t signed until nightfall so I used the available Christmas lights for a portrait while having a guest hold it. If I had taken this with my flash, I would have not been able to read the names.


5. window-shops at night. If you aren’t afraid of a little grain, night shots will force you to get creative. This picture is a little bit out of focus as well but part of me loves it’s ambiguous nature.


6. background lights from a city.

7. lights from underneath or behind for silhouette shots night12pugh

Or how about lights behind tents for shadows!?


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