Friday, May 6, 2011

There’s something in the water


We call her crazy rachel and she’s just that..crazy but such a good kind of crazy: not afraid to try stuff or worry about what people think and really spontaneous. I asked her a while back if she’d be my river model because I had wanted to take some experimental shots. Most people would have balked or stared at me for several minutes trying to figure out what I meant, but she was like “Sure”! I was basically a little burnt out from taking pictures so much that we ended up chilling on the river for most of the time. Rachel was brave and swam even though the water was COLD!

RAC-3 RAC-1 RAC-2 RAC-4 RAC-14 RAC-15-2 RAC-20RAC-10 RAC-7 RAC-11  RAC-509RAC-500RAC-513 RAC-605 RAC-516 RAC-600 RAC-700RAC-601

And if you’ve never heard the wonderful song that was worked into my blog post title by Brook Fraser – you need to. So here she is

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