Monday, May 23, 2011

New things


Charley and I are about to embark on  a journey for something new. He has wanted to leave town for a while now, tired of the slow drawl of southern Columbia. I grew up here, my friends and family are here, and I was less than excited to leave. Compromise is as you know a large part of marriage. He waited a year and a half with me here as I got used to being married and such. Now, I think it’s  time for something new.  We have decided to go to Charleston (which won over Seattle and Texas). It’s a great food community for charley to find work, its a beautiful place to live and it’s not so very far away from the ones I love.

image 0Last week we spent two days looking at apartments and houses. It’s not as easy as it sounds to find a place that fits our needs. Accommodating the dog is an extra challenge. One place we came to look at was a super cute yellow house in the heart of the city with vintage heart of pine floors. Unfortunately when we turned into the street there were about 8 people in the road that gave us a “you don’t belong here” look. It was also conveniently located next to a liquor store with bars on the window. More humorously still, we opened the “false” door to the front of the house and realized that there were no steps to get to the door. It was vetoed and the search went on.

image 3I’m a really big fan of this one house that has a teal bathroom. Cute huh?! A lot of the houses downtown are funny because they are down tight one lane roads with no parking. Great house, but you have to walk a block to get to your front door! Some of them were affected in the earthquake so the sides are bowed and walking indoors feels like a ship deck.

There was a Loft that we especially liked and got the okay from the person to go  see it. We showed up and awkwardly found out that someone had already moved in. We walked a few blocks over and saw a house with a for rent sign on it. We peeked in the windows to find a gorgeous living room with dark hardwood floors and a fireplace. It was a block away from our “price range house” so we googled it only to find that it rented for $3,000 a month. EEP!

This will be  a new experience all around for us. If you’re our family or friends, we appreciate your prayers and we make these decisions. We are holding out for affordable, safe housing (and to be really picky, a place for Juneau to run around outside). Charley has two job interviews tomorrow as well, one which would be full time pastry chef (his dream job).


dwntownAnd what will I be doing? Good question. I’m ready to find a job that offers some stability to my lifestyle. I’m tired of being on the road, and even more tired of photography. RIP photography business: it’s getting killed currently ( a long drawn-out death). My last client is in 2012, so until then I have to drive a bit farther. With this new found freedom I’d like to focus back on Art. I don’t think I will be able to paint full time, but I will be starting a series that I have been brainstorming through for some time while possibly working retail. I’d love a job at a gallery or antique shop and there’s one about every five feet in Charleston, I might just have a chance.

Good bye Cola, Hello Charley-town!


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  1. I am beyond excited for you... I might even say jealous! This was a great post & I can't wait to hear more about this adventure!


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