Sunday, May 15, 2011

North Greenville

I headed to North Greenville today to shoot a couples engagement photos. We had conversed via email and agreed to meet at the Reedy River Park and work our way down a selected path through main street. When I arrived, I was surprised to find the roads blocked off and full of people. They were completely in the way of my shoot, thousands of them walking along oblivious to the fact that they’d ruined my game plan. It took a while longer for us to find each other  since there were so many people with cameras and I commenced into full fledged “wingin it” mode.


“Winging it” is pretty much what it takes to be a photographer when you work with people. Everything about the job has to be fluid and flexible. You have to be able to change your game plan at any time and be prepared for the worst case scenario. Its good for me to be stretched in this way because it forces me to be outside of my comfort zone. Also, the little things don’t matter that much in the long run if at the end of the day they have pictures. 

We ended up trying the park and realizing that there were just to many people in one area, so we walked around downtown. It took us a while to find some of the better shots, and I definitely tried some things that failed because I was desperate to get some pictures taken. Luckily it was nice and cool, so they were very patient with having to walk a bit further and wait longer.


and on the bright side, if there hadn’t been this event, I never would have sniped a picture of this adorable German shepherd puppy.


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  1. Winging it - that's so true about shooting people.

    But I think that's why I love it so much. Everyday is a surprise.

    Christina @ Hair Romance


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