Friday, May 20, 2011



Anyone who’s ever been around a six year old for over five minutes has experienced the forever flowing stream of curiosity. What's this? How’s this work? Why can’t it do that? Explaining their question is usually followed by another question. It’s  a refreshing way to think, and a reminder to me to be excited about things. A child doesn’t doubt his thirst for knowledge, he just seeks it. As an adult I find myself holding back in my interest in things, because I’m simply to burnt out or don’t think anyone cares. I’m not saying I should go back to my bouncy six year old mindset, but it helps so much to go through life with an awake spirit: one that wants answers.


While shooting today, I watched these kids stand in awe of a chef cooking a steak at a restaurant. Spellbound, they never stopped to consider that no one else seemed to care..that across the globe people were cooking steaks and plopping them on plates to be eaten, a normal routine. In their eyes he could have been a five star chef trained in France when in reality he was probably “just a dude” trying to make a little money. However their awe and attention made him light up in smiles and probably made his mediocre day a little better because someone had noticed his work.

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