Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ron Paul Rally , Pie, Puppies, and Art down the alley

I woke up at 6am. Got ready for work, headed out the door, and then got a text saying I wasn’t needed today. WOop-haw! Charley and I got a chance to visit his family for Christmas yesterday (we’re a little late) which means we got back at 2am. Extremely fortunate miracle? I think so. Which also meant I could attend the Ron Paul Ralley at College of Charleston today with the hubby and roommate.

It was packed with students ( I’m guessing there were some extra credit incentives to lure them out). I didn’t feel like getting all crazy and climbing on things just for a picture, so as you can tell it was a bit hard to see. Unfortunately I heard nothing either thanks to a loud group of talkers next to me and the poor acoustics ( and me being slightly deaf I’m sure didn’t help either). Regardless of not hearing, my vote is with Ron Paul: big fan of everything I’m reading. Small government, simple, conservative. yep. Of course if it can’t be, there's always Colbert…(who’s giving a rally tomorrow but I’m working…major frown)


…and after partaking in our politician’s presentation, we passed and proceeded to ponder on pie, and perhaps peddled past a pie peddler….

and by that I mean, the boys wanted pie, so we checked out a new pie shop around the corner called P.I.E

We were a little disappointed. The baked goods just weren’t that good. I had an éclair with gummy egg dough and presentation wise (other than the meringues) there wasn’t a whole lot of craftsmanship in the works. Sorry P.I.E we won’t be coming back.


The roommate ditched us to go exercise and Charley and I had lunch in Marion square since it wasn’t too chilly. We got some Moes.


and it was then that I spotted a puppy and it was all downhill from there. Being O so socially awkward, easily excited and not as shy about talking to strangers as I should be, I ran forth and yammered away, something like “oh mee ohh mmaa puuppyyy wwaaawww!!! please leeet me pet her aww cuddle it, take it home , wawww”. After getting over the initial shock, the pup’s owner was really sweet and we had a good conversation about being husky mothers. Did I mention the puppy looked exactly like Juneau? Pup’s mom was really cool and let me take a picture. Charley pretended not to know me from the bench.


Then we went to my favorite shop in town, the Artist and Crafstman Supply Co. I wanted to price some things and look around. They have everything you can imagine art related and so much more. (Like fine papers, book making supplies, tons of paint and plaster, whittling, calligraphy, carving, porceline and clay, canvas, dyes…everything). It’s run by super artsy laid back people who draw cartoons to advertise sales and such. I purchased a drawing board so I can sketch in bed and outside in the grass. Charley got some silly putty.


Our last stop was a quick peak into blue bicycle (mentioned here) just to say hello to the cat. Charley got a really neat book on pastry. They had a little homage to Colbert in the window. I really wish I could see him talk tomorrow but I’m glad Charley can go.


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