Saturday, January 21, 2012

Politics for a 6 year old

me: did your parents vote today?

butterfly princess: yes I went with them. I saw on Tv and there was this guy and he wants to change America

me: do you want to change America?

butterfly princess (in a super worked up voice): that should not be allowed! How can they allow that? that just can’t be allowed

me: well what if he were going to change a good thing?

butterfly princess:  America is perfect, no one should be able to do that!

me: well what if he was going to try to help us get out of debt?

butterfly princess: we don’t owe money! that’s silly

me: We are, our government has to pay for things like our armies.

butterfly princess: well that’s stupid, that should not be allowed. why don’t they just make them free?

me: well people who are in the army need to earn money so they can pay for food and housing and their families

butterfly princess: but they should just do it for free.

me: you want them to work for free? I don’t think that’s going to go over too well.

butterfly princess: well if they can work for free, and then we’ll get money from the banks because they make the money.


….and there you have it, huge problem answered. We’ll just make our troops work for free and have banks make money…. Winking smile

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