Sunday, January 8, 2012

That’s my Spot

For Christmas, we pretty much did all of our shopping online from amazon since it comes to the house and we didn’t have  a whole lot of time or money to shop. The result was a multitude of cardboard boxes which I stacked under my desk to get out of the way until there was room in the recycling. (trash days around here are overflowing ..I’ve never seen people throw away so much but I guess that’s apartment life for you.)

The stash and shove was a good idea for getting to and fro in the tiny apt, but Juneau informed me that it was encroaching on her space. She likes to sit on my feet under the desk while I edit. Sometimes she likes to eat my feet under the desk while I edit. Somehow she crawled in the tiny hole left between the printer and the boxes.


and started to whine because she couldn’t get back out :

(she knocked the modem off the desk so that’s why the wires are a-hanging)


The boxes are thankfully out where they belong and my feet and Juneau are back to the former position. I ended up sorting our whole apartments recycling and making room in the trash cans so that the trash people would actually pick up.

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