Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mellow Marina

Charley joined me for a walk since for once we were both not working during daylight hours. This peaceful view is just a short ways from our house. We’re so spoiled, I know. Ever since reading bumfuzzle I’ve wanted to live on a boat and travel the world…except for two small things. I hate swimming, and Juneau would go crazy on a boat. We both picked out our favorite boats (mine was green, his was navy) and talked about what we’d name em. He vetoed The Scruggermobile ( can’t you just see it in some sort of underground superstation..Juneau in spandex…)

Immediately after our walk, charley looked up how much they cost…uh yeah. I was mildly entertaining the idea, charley was planning it. He was looking at those boats like they were made of gold. Completely understandable with his great love for the sea: sailing, swimming, scuba diving, fish and seafood. He’s such an island kid. I on the other hand am imagining cold weather and storms while being on a boat..that and trying to park and steer the sucker. Unfortunately for charley they cost about as much as a small house and you can’t rent them or we’d be on our way by next Tuesday. We’re just glad we can enjoy the beautiful blue sea with a little exercise.


Charley promised me that he’d take a picture on the self timer. I was startled that he agreed…only to have him photobomb me instead. Little sneak. He refused a second normal picture but this one is more “us” anyways.

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Oh and who is the kyaking lady? I don’t know either, never got her name. I unfortunately have a tendency to start conversations with strangers  (charley usually walks on ahead and pretends not to know me). Today I got to talk with a retired couple reading on their deck, a man fixing his motor, a lady in a kayak and two old men with their sheltie (the dog 3 pictures up). Everyone who lives on a boat seems to have something in common : they’re chill, relaxed and loving life.


  1. Was just catching up after a few days off, and what do you know, Bumfuzzle mention. Sweet. :) Really enjoying all the daily life stuff lately. Great job.

    Oh, buy a boat. It doesn't actually have to go to sea. See all those folks sitting around doing nothing in that marina all day.

    1. haha well thanks for reading my rambly post and all that daily life stuff that I figured nobody reads :)
      Yall's lifestyle is so awesome and it really has made me long for something other than the "american dream" for a while. We really love it down by the water. I think Charley would fit right in because he grew up in Puerto Rico. It's pretty hard for me to imagine living on a boat since I was never around the water very much.

    2. All right then, compromise and move to San Juan. Great city, great restaurants for that chef of yours, and hey, you're always close to the water.

    3. that would indeed be the perfect compromise! We love it there, it's warm and I could eat quesitos until i'm fat :)


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