Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy Anniversary

Two years ago on this day…..

a nervous boy ate 40 chicken nuggets


my best friends braved 17 degree weather in dresses


and my dad gave me away


to a boy


and we said some serious stuff…and by that I mean vows.


and we were married in the sight of men, IE. friends and family we love and are blessed by..


and here we are today…


but lets rewind  a little

We met Junior year of high school because we had an English project together. I remember finally noticing him because he brought a frozen chicken to school. One of the first things he told me about himself was that he wanted to be a pilot.

He told  me he liked me at the SC state fair on the ski lift.

A week later (during our senior year) he called me from wild wings café and asked me if we “uh you know wanted to try the whole dating thing”.

we graduated highschool together

We had our first kiss after a year of dating. 


We went to college together and both studied humanities. (Those are my class notes, the second picture is acting class).


We graduated college together ( graduated a semester after charley because he was super smart and finished early)

He finished his culinary program at the same time.


He proposed in a pirate costume and buried my ring in a treasure chest. I had to complete a treasure hunt with clues written on scraps of leather.

We then were engaged for over a year.

We have traveled to Puerto Rico x 2, France, Germany, Italy x 2, Switzerland, Austria, and Lebanon together


I couldn’t ask for a more loving fellow

He has an awesome family…I was practically adopted as family since day one.

he has a great sense of humor and he’s not afraid to be a bit goofy



or dress up.


He is incredibly patient

and humble….




….wonderfully weird….


a leader…



…a thinker….

…always willing to try new things….

the father of our child….(smirk all you want…)

So happy anniversary Charley-boy

I love you very much and being married to you has been a wonderful adventure.


  1. This was lovely. :)

  2. Aw! congratulations on two years! I am so happy for you both!

  3. Wonderful!!!! Congratulations and Happy Anniversary
    ~ one of your cold weather friends!!


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