Thursday, January 26, 2012


Juneau is in heat again, her second time around and it’s making everyone miserable. She is so much more restless than she was last time. It’s three AM. She’s been howling all night. It’s a sad pitiful long wolf howl that’s almost kind of pretty. …but we have neighbors….cranky neighbors, and lots of them. I take her inside: she howls, I take her outside she howls. She has tons  of energy because I can’t run or take her to the dog park but she won’t play because she’s mopey. I’ve tried putting her on a leash and jogging with her in circles around the couch and she just sits down. If she’s inside she’s pacing with her little nails click click clicking across the floor. She’ll scratch at the door, scratch at the window but she doesn’t actually want to go out. Mostly she sits and gives us this face while whimpering:

IMG_2192IMG_2195IMG_2196 copy 

It’s so sad…I just look at her and I want to cry because I’ve never seen a creature so pitiful. We called our mother-in-law since she breeds corgis and has lots of experience with female dogs. She suggested this herb stuff called rescue remedy that helps them calm down. Humans can use it too for anxiety. It helps her for a little while but doesn’t solve the problem. She also said that the second time around is the worst for them, so this will get better we hope. Until then, it’s not making apartment life very easy.

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