Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A light and breezy beach house


I’m editing a couples wedding photos right  now and remembering what it’s like to be warm. Seriously, today was way to cold. We don’t use our heat at the apartment to save money (I know we aren’t the only ones) so I’ve been wrapped in a quilt at my desk with the space heater on full throttle. It might take off like a tiny jetpack any moment now.

I must admit, the cold mixed with how much I’ve been working and how much editing I’m behind  in is taking a toll on me this week. My insomnia is at like an all-time record. and watching kids on low sleep is the pits. God really provided today however because I got off a few hours earlier than I thought I would, letting me come back home to edit the pile. A little power nap and I’m back in action.

These pretty beach pictures were sending warmer happier vibes into the air and I thought I’d share (since I’m back and forth waiting for photoshop to process). I think beach weddings are my favorite because of all the wonderful available light. My dream home would be nothing but windows. Maybe one day, but for now we get the lovely view of construction and closely built apartments. For photographic reasons, I really miss our old glass door that led out to the backyard at the old house.

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