Monday, January 23, 2012

Blogging, in review.

Usually I just write and forget. Out with the old! Looking over and reading my blog’s old posts was a little more than a  cringe. It’s a bit embarrassing. I realized: 

  1. I sound hyper in most of my posts. I’m not sure if that defines my literary voice.
  2. I never thought I’d blog stuff
  3. my first posts are wildly uncertain and not interesting
  4. I really need to work on editing
  5. I really need to work on non run on sentences
  6. somewhere there is a happy medium between “too lazy posts” and to “enthusiastic posts”. You know, the short ones with no pictures versus the looong-my-eyes-hurt-to-read-all-this-get-to-the-point-already.
  7. dangit, I ruined number 5 already.
  8. I’m not really sure what the particular goal or purpose is of this blog. It’s theme is, well, everything.
  9. I have no cute slogan, title or summary for my life (but I’m kinda okay with that).
  10. I can’t come to terms with ending the blog…but maybe start it over?
  11. I’ve had the blog for 2 years now and I only have 11 followers. I’ve had a bunch of page views, but not people who want continual feed.

SO my blogger’s resolutions

  1. Be concise. Tell people where I’m headed with a certain subject instead of hoping they’ll read the whole thing.
  2. Wait a bit before I post so I can edit and add content that’s valuable
  3. Do more to give back. More tutorials, more guides, more content.
  4. Use complete sentences and proper grammar…haha…who am I kidding?….
  5. Read more. I read quite a few blogs already but I want to read and write comments.

and to kick of the new era I am breaking all of the new bloggers resolutions by clicking the publish button right now.

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