Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pictures with Kid

All I wanted was ONE good picture of me and my dog. I can't say I tried for very long- I only went outside for a few minutes, but in those short minutes was able to take a series of "doggy-owner picture FAIL". This was the last one; the only semi-decent one and Juneau has proudly sported her tongue flipping for the world to see. Cooperation was accomplished by a grab, squash, tackle route. I'd say for future references I will leave my big feet, dirty jeans and hair ties out of the picture and probably offer the dog a treat so she doesn't look so abused. 

But since we have the others to laugh at, why not? This one is me telling Juneau to drop the stick so I can pick her up. This is when I realized I might need to put a longer time on the self fact if there was a setting for an hour that should have been about enough.
Amid the "Dog-wants-to-french-kiss" Session:

 Dog is insulted and leaves:
 Dog Licks Owners Face: (I know it looks like she's biting me, but it was a wrestle and lick session I assure you).
Dog Gives Up an Abandon's Annoying Owner:

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  1. you are too cute. this was such a fun post! :-)

    And by the way, I LOVE your outfit! You should throw in some outfit posts every once in a while!


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