Friday, March 18, 2011

Dork Battles

Confession: In highschool I took part of one of the nerdiest sports of all times...well not just took part but helped create the chapter for South Carolina and watched it take flight under a friends lead. It's called Dagorhir. The official website is HERE. It's been dubbed "Dork Battles".
Thats Right: Fighting with weapons made from camp foam, PVC and DAP glue covered in cloth complete with costuming and role play and battle scenario's. And you know what else, its fun as hell! I'm not going to apologize, and I know the labels you are sticking on me, but I will embrace my Nerd Badge with dignity. 
I am not currently playing and haven't played for over three years, but just recently got back into crafting for it. A friend asked me to paint his shields, so thats what these are:

The fine white lines are actually chalk, it's what I used to layout the initial sketch. They will be beaten out once the sheilds are used. 

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