Sunday, March 20, 2011


Here's a time waster but a fun one: Minecraft...a most addicting 8bit game created in Sandbox by a guy named Markus. You can read all about it HERE or play HERE (it does cost money), but the gist of it is that you are a little character that mines in a world of blocks. How is a game with crappy graphics so addicting?? It's almost unexplainable, you really have to experience it to believe me. It contains a beauty only to be held in 8bit because there is something down right joyful to building your little castle block by block with materials you harvested with your own two (animated)hands. There are also a handful of adorably bouncy animals that bleat and oink. Oh and the blocks make a satisfying crunchy noise as you dig and mine. :)
Here's my castle! note the pride :)

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