Friday, March 4, 2011


So just for kicks and giggles I've been taking pictures of different "outfits" I've worn during the day. I don't consider myself the most talented at looking sharp, but I can say I've come a long way from my man sized glasses and baggy pants. I feel like I should post a picture of my tween years to further my point embarrassment but that would require me scanning something, and I'd really hate to scare my readers. I'm very grateful for a few wonderful friends who pointed me in the right direction and helped me learn  how to put things together. I almost entered the 30 for 30 remix challenge over at Kendi Everyday but chickened out since I knew I wouldn't have time to take a picture of my outfit everyday. Asking the husband to snap one would of been a pain too because I'm pretty sure he's allergic to my camera.  I did however enjoy following along with others as they entered the challenge and really liked seeing what people came up with. 
A fellow friend and blogger Mandy has her set here,  and I think she did a cute job accessorizing her 30...not to mention  doing some awesome thrift store items along the way.  She encouraged me to put up an outfit or two even though I didn't take the challenge. 

When I was considering the challenge, I couldn't help but to scroll through my wardrobe in my mind and think about what i would have used. Truthfully I HATE shopping, so my wardrobe isn't huge, plus I'm kinda boring in that I find my "outfits" and wear them over and over again ( hey! if the recipe tastes good why change it??) . So I figured I'd post a few outfits as I wear them from day to day since a.) it helps me get better at self portraiture b.) i have to wear clothes everyday anyways c.) it is a motive to put on something cute instead of editing photos all day in my Pajamas (which I wish I could show you because they sure are comfy).
So that's that- look forward so seeing the occasional photo of me awkwardly standing and wearing my not always so fashion savvy outfits.

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  1. you are too cute Sarah! I love this. And I think outfit 2 is one of my favs... its adorable along with the photo itself (pose, scenery, lighting, etc.)


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