Saturday, March 12, 2011

Opposites Attract

My husband and I had a little laugh over taking a couple of personality tests together. This test HERE we thought was better than most because it gives you a lot of information after you take it. Apparently I am almost all Melancholy and he is a strongly geared Phlegmatic and in reading the descriptions, we could see bits of ourselves and how we tend to work together. My test scored at INFP, for a description go HERE. I share this personality with J.K. Rowling! as well as fictional characters like Anne from Anne of Green Gables and Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes (see the essay here). Charley fits more of the rational explanation found here. So there you have it, stranger things have happened but here we are: an irrational and a rational living together. Obviously personality tests are to help you introspect and look at a broad idea, no one is a cookie cutter fit of these analyses. However it was interesting to see and understand some of the opposite ways we think and often times communicate to one another.

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