Sunday, October 16, 2011


These pictures are from a while ago (aka old house with the pink chair) but they were cute and I couldn’t resist. One of the reasons I am glad we have Juneau is because she is my walking buddy. Without her, I’d probably sit at this computer all day long. She gets me up in the morning, and I get to step into the air and remember how much I love the outdoors. We go on two walks everyday, a short jog in the morning and then a long walk in the afternoon to the dog park. She will usually run the entire time at the dog park, enticing the other dogs to dare chase her.


Running is her passion, it’s literally what she lives for. When we first moved to our tiny place with no yard, we struggled with Juneau. She was restless and destructive and even began to poo and pee on the floor again to our dismay. After I got into a regular habit of exercise, the problems stopped immediately. A little run up the street doesn’t cut it and it makes total sense since she was bred for speed, stamina and endurance.

For Juneau and I this daily ritual is the most important part of the day. It helps me deal with stress, helps me feel better and is just down right pleasant.It’s time by myself to think which is essential to have for an introvert. Charley’s been calling it “girl time” and it gives him some time alone at the house to chill after work.


Sometimes I pretend we are a wolf pack, scouting  and foraging in a forest of houses. Instead of bringing down a deer together, we’re helping each other cross streets and keep unfriendly people away. (I tell people she is a ferocious beast but in fact huskies aren’t good guard dogs). Together we sniff the air, enjoy the breeze and watch the people. This simple companionship is why I have grown to love dogs. She looks to me for guidance and care, and I look to her for her consistency.

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