Wednesday, October 26, 2011

friends and wolves

Squap, zippo, zilch got done this weekend as far as work or cleaning goes. Totally worth it though thanks to a friend and family crammed schedule. I haven’t really met a whole lot of people in Charleston, which is why seeing the one’s I miss is such a blessing. There’s nothing like filling up the ol’ quality time meter.

On Friday I headed to Columbia and caught lunch with mom, shot a bride at 701 Whaley and came back for dinner with Mom and Dad.

Cleaned the shed with my mother-in-law Saturday morning, then painted a porch with my Dad and brother.

THEN got to see almost all of my best girl friends: Anne, Rebecca and Courtney. Slept over with Anne and had coffee with her in the morning. Then headed back to Charleston to see Emily swing into town on Sunday.

THEN after she left we got a text letting us know that the sea wolf mutiny was a 100 yards from our house playing for the night…so then we walked down and got to see even more friends! I took some pretty lousy pictures because I was super lazy and it was dark. The show was awesome even though they only got to play a few songs.


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