Thursday, October 13, 2011

Good design, I think I might just copy… (sshh)

(in theory. IE if I ever had time).

1. From DVF

I have some gold leaf. I have some wooden knapkin rings. Gold seems to be the thing, so why not? It’d be fun for the fall table.

Gold Leaf Wood Napkin Rings

2. also from DFV

Theirs is porcelain, mine would be on melamine from the dollar store. A few sharpie marks later I think we could have the same look. Wouldn’t this be fun to do with kids?

Indian Temple Large Round Platter


3. from Kate Spade

Gluing photographic textures for use in jewelry. This opens a whole new world of possibilities. It’s like that whole making beads out of magazines thing.


4. also from Kate Spade

Adding things to sweaters. This sunshiny number makes me want to grab scissors and felt and get carried away.  Some of you might even recognize that this is the sweater from Glee that Emma wears. (yes, I watch it and I’m ashamed) ( anyone else think that season three is really really lousy?).


5. branch chandelier from Pottery Barn

Look at how sparkly and organic it is. It just gets the wheels turning.

6. this family tree from paper route stationary


7. a painting like this one from dog milk but with a husky’s derriere.Pinned Image

8. I’m not sure I could replicate this gorgeous mirror but wouldn’t it be worth the try!Pinned Image

9. ( and lastly) I am inspired by this old fashioned font by Teagan White

Pinned Image

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