Sunday, October 9, 2011

Melted Crayons

No way, it’s the blog title!

And how ironic is it that I didn’t melt the Crayons. Nope, my cool friend Emily did.

 (You can see her blog here).

I got to visit my grandparents this weekend and afterwards I saw my friend Emily. Coming into town she called me and was like

“Did you bring your hairdryer!?!”



No explanation followed.

I arrived and I see that she was putting her crayons to good use. She lined them up on a canvas with hot glue (very neatly might I add). Then we smelted to the melted. Magic happened. Giggles ensued.


Like many good ideas, this one came from Pinterest. Here’s her brother showing off the finished product (complete with creepy face). 


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