Thursday, August 25, 2011


Just waiting around for the UPS guy to come…and waiting and waiting and waiting. Once I get my rental order, it’s on the road again, down past Atlanta, GA to shoot a wedding for this fun couple. I’m really sick of all the traveling (if you haven’t noticed) but this one should be fun because my Dad and brother are riding with me. They’re sneaking in a mini vacation so I don’t have to drive in scary Atlanta by myself. A small mention of 6 lane highways is a nightmarish thought for me, so I’m very grateful that they can come!


Juneau looks sad but I promise we aren’t beating our dog. She’s been lethargic and mopey so I took her to the vet and it turns out dogs can get urinary track infections (who knew?). I left appropriate signage for charley so he can remember to give her meds while I’m gone.


I’ve been super sad and lethargic too, but it’s because of a certain electric company that shut the power off in the neighborhood and fried my surge protector. I thought it fried the computer and we couldn’t get it to turn on for a few days but my super hubby figured out that it was just the surge protector and saved the day…and then my heart decided it could beat again after all.

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