Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Acworth, GA

I’m playing catchup. The things-to-do sticky notes on my desk are alarming, but here’s a little update about this past weekends trip. As you know, my Dad and brother kept me company on the trip (yay family!).  In fact the five long hours on the way and then on the way back were driven by chauffeur dad ( as a disclaimer, I did offer to drive some, but that’s dad for you).


A nice hot meal at the cracker barrel, a hop and a skip later, we arrive in Acworth GA just outside of Atlanta. Its full of trains, and old timey buildings and commercial areas. We only got a wee bit lost because they named multiple roads with the same name. Then it was work time. The Conservatory at Waterstone was where the rehearsal and wedding was located. It’s right next to a great bookstore with lots of local history books and an espresso machine.


The preview for the wedding is up HERE. They are such a sweet and joyful couple. The whole family was awesome to work with and the whole wedding theme thing was flawless. They had some of the prettiest processional music I’ve ever heard with a live cello/violin and guitar. Emilia had supurb tastes in decorating and entertainment ideas. How cute is their guest book: a canvas tree where people sign above their thumbprints:

REH_3475 REH_3468REH_3469REH_3471

and their tiny wedding cake with a fun garden theme was simple summer elegance.


Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE was on the dance floor at the reception. They even had some disco music and a colorful strobe. It’s always fun for me to plow right into the middle of the dancing and take pictures. It’s turns into a game for me, not to get knocked over.


Sparkler exits are my very favorite.


Saturday morning they held a bridal luncheon at the Vineyard Café in Marietta. Dad and I looked at the dkgallery next door before they arrived and found some great art. I liked the giant cow paintings (selling for a mere $8,000).


Oh and Mandy, remember her? She’s over at Simplicity and Reality. She worked as my second shooter. She’s so easy to work with, organized, and people conscience. She did a great job with keeping my brain in tack and took some smashing photos that helped fill in the gaps. It’s always neat when you work with someone and you can see the differences in perspective after you’re through so  you can have the “I never would have thought of that!” moment.  She ran a photo booth in the corner of the patio complete with a  little table full of props. Someone should seriously hire this girl to run events!


When we had just finished the bride and grooms reveal at a small chapel across the road we were hit with a small surprise. the railroad track that separated where we were shooting from the venue was suddenly full of train. It stopped directly where we need to cross and went on for quite a ways. We lost about 45 minutes of time getting picked up and driven around it, and poor Mandy had set off to fetch the bridal party and walked away down the track trying to find the end.

It just goes to show, weird stuff happens on wedding days. I’m glad we weren’t too far behind and still had some time to shoot. 

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