Sunday, August 21, 2011


The hubby is now working as a full time pastry chef for a resort. He gets to make a whole bunch of tiny desserts for banquets and such as well as daily breakfast breads. He took some (not so yummy looking) pictures from his phone. Some of the things he’s been making are chocolate truffles, marzipan cakes, hazelnut stuff, tarts, banana pudding cups, lemon squares. tiramisu and etc.. He told me the exact names of everything but I’ve forgotten already : )  Bottom right corner is an unfinished s’mores dessert. It has a campfire shaped sugar decoration that goes on top and he brushes caramel on the plate with the spoon, however in this one it made a perfect slug! mmm right?

photo (2)photophoto (4)photo (1)

What else goes on in ol Scruggerville? Aside from working and being on the go, we were able to visit friends in family in Columbia. While staying there, we came back in the evening to find it pouring rain and we er…oops…left the dogs outside. Juneau didn’t mind but Anooshe wanted to come back inside. That’s what the video is of plus a little clip back home of Juneau and a paper bag. 

Psycho killer kat continues to live in Zack’s mattress. The box spring has a hole in the bottom so she scurries around in her secret hiding place and lashes out if you walk to near. She’s started intimidating the dog, running up to it and banging her claw on the ground. Juneau thinks she wants to play so I’m afraid for her eyes getting scratched. Meanest cat ever.


We really should have done this when we moved in but I finally took a day to bleach everything: the windows, doors and baseboards. It makes a huge difference in cleanliness levels and all you have to sacrifice is a pair of lungs and the ability to breath for a few hours.


Oh and you know that cool shelf we put on the wall. Well it fell down… on Charley... in his sleep. We had that whole Sarah-thought-there-was-a-stud-here-but-come-to-find-out-there's-not thing when we assembled them. The instructions say the stud can be off centered so we were like well we’ll just see if it holds. It didn’t. I’m very bummed that we have no bookshelf now.


We tried a new church this morning but the pastor spoke in super fast auctioneers speed. I found my brain whirling as I tried to keep up, but perhaps that was the lack of caffeine. Charley sneakily replaced my caffeinated coffee with decaf coffee. I’ve been complaining loudly all week that I just can’t seem to wake up in the morning and he finally mentioned his crime. I guess it didn’t hurt me.

All day Saturday was spent looking for a new job since I’m closing down my business. I have an interview tomorrow and made a good contact in the art world while I was out. I applied at 10 different places ranging from hotel lobby reception to clothing retail. It seems pretty easy around here to get a job waitressing but I can’t see myself hearing to well in a crowded room. I’m really hoping one of these works out.

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