Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fabric Covered Buttons for Tufting



Cut just enough fabric to tuck into the center of the button.


Place the button on the stand with the fabric between.



Push the button head into the stand


Tuck in the fabric edges


Align the button back


Place the plastic guard over the button back and wack it with your hammer.


And then out pops the covered button! ( I was spray-painting so my hands are all grizzly and green).


And why am I tufting? Well during our rainy night curbside raid where we found the burgundy couch, we found this little beat up table. It was so dark that I didn’t even notice that it was missing one of the cross beams until we got back. I spray-painted it white and reupholstered the top seat. It was more of a footstool before so I added some extra batting and a thin piece of foam. I haven’t put the buttons on because I bought the wrong size staples for my staple gun. We had company coming so I just folded everything in place for now.



AFTER (in progress):


Hopefully in the end, the top will look like these:

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