Thursday, August 4, 2011

It’s Raining Couches

DSC_0064Last night after driving home from an awesome weekend with my girls, I pulled up by our house to find chaos and confusion. Two huge trucks blocked the road and all of our parking was gone. I circled the neighborhood three times and still couldn’t find anywhere to park, so Charley hopped in the car with me so we could look a little farther away and he could walk back with me in the dark. Instead of finding  a parking place right away, he took me to Ben and Jerry’s <3

It turns out that the last of July is when leases end for the college'-y areas of town. So instead of a few moving trucks here and there, UHAUL looked like it was taking over the city. Boxes and trash piles taller than the cars lined the streets. One way roads where blocked and grumpy looking college students hauled things in the rain. For some reason they opt to throw out all of their furniture on the street rather than moving it.

Our drive back to the house turned into “ Oh look a couch….Oh look a couch ….Oh look a couch….”

We turned onto one street that literally had a couch in front of every house! Charley and I started street shopping and we found a leather couch in decent condition. It had a small piece of ductape on it, a little beat up but otherwise clean compared to some of the other couches. The color tends to vary from the pictures, but it’s a burgundy color that often looks brown.


I have always referred to this type of couch as a “butt-muffin” couch. In general, I hate this style of couch and would much rather prefer a tailored couch with a flat back cushion HOWEVER this couch isn’t purple and that’s a win in my book. The husband seems to really  like it because it’s comfy and we can now sit three people without feeling like we’re in each others laps.


AND it passed the Juneau test Smile Actually when we brought it inside she did this weird little dance and dove onto the couch and ran back and forth a few times. Then she found out she fit in the gap between the back and the cushions and decided to hang out inside of the couch. WEIRDO. 


Then I wanted to figure out how to make the burgundy traditional style couch a little more modern. I put paint chips in the frames on the table to add some more color. Then I found a picture from TOAST magazine (UK) that had burgundy and blue in it, and then stuck an orange paint chip in the mix behind my ceramic Juneau.


(and I should have dusted the ledge before I took that photo! hindsight. )DSC_0075DSC_0060DSC_0057


  1. omgoodnes... Jealous!! what a steal. literally. and please sometime soon take a picture tour of your new home & decor!! :-)

  2. aha I'm getting's so hard to take pictures when it's messy, but I have taken pictures of most of the house here :
    and here:
    and here:


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