Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Brined pork and Orzo

I love LOVE love that the hubby has normal hours now. No more of that  “sleep by day, work by night”  thing going on. Except my Insomnia is keeping me on the “stay away all  the time schedule”. Soon, I hope to be able to sleep and be alive during the sunshiny part of the day instead of living like the bat I am.

Most especially though, we get to eat  together! It’s a small enjoyment, but nonetheless one we missed out on before. And what better way to enjoy eating together than by cooking together by letting Charley cook dinner? (Trust me, it just works out better this way.)

Tonight he  butterflied some pork chops that had been brined in shiitake mushroom stems, sweet tea, celery and ect. Then he pan seared them and served them in a light sweet sauce and scallions. The orzo had scallions, Shiitake  Mushrooms and cream sauce made from Dubliner cheese. If you’ve never tried Dubliner cheese…go get some, now! It tastes like cheddar and Swiss got real chummy with one another. 


Like good Americans, we ate it at the coffee table. My ambitions to fold our laundry never took flight and the clothes were left occupying the dining room table. In a non American way we opted to read instead of watch television. Nothing better than a little rain, a good book, delicious dinner and hubby who’s home.


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