Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Death Soup?

You might be skeptical, but I pulled my tomato soup out of the microwave and it came out like this :


Weird huh!? I added cream instead of water and added some hot sauce, cracked red pepper, cayenne pepper and a blop of spaghetti sauce to make it taste better. I know it sounds and looks incredibly gross (Ew bad picture) , but tomato soup and grilled chees really hits the spot. We’ve been eating it a lot because it’s so cheap.

And luckily I lived through eating the voldemorte/skeleton face omen in my soup.  There was no Jesus face burned into my grilled cheese, and no “Grim” in the bottom of the bowl when I finished it.  


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  1. I am dying at this post. I love it. hahaha. "death soup". also love the reference to voldemort-- good call!


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