Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Self Timer <3

My wedding this past weekend was at the lovely Myrtle beach-front with a super fun group of people. I met the couple online as usual and showed up to find a close knit group of friends ready to have fun. This particular instance makes me smile because I am always the awkward friend who gets to do the self timer…friend pictures, family pictures, you name it… so I met this girl and was like, word, we are kindred spirits for this reason alone.

A saga of swiftness. A narrative of nuisances. The drama of overblown encouragement.

Can you make it on time? Will you trip? Will your winded breathless face show up in the shot? (most definitely).

Three cheers for running like an idiot to beat a timer

(although some of us will never be as cute as this chica in action!)


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