Monday, March 4, 2013


Perhaps, I have not shame.

I took these photos right after the hair flipping ones. I wanted to make something in lieu of John William Water house and I guess I mixed  a little game of thrones in there.

image  image  image

After I  took the photo, I entertained myself by drawing on top of them in Photoshop using my handy tablet. I was trying to make it look look like an oil painting. None the less I was to shy to blog it at first (because it’s weird and creepy and all around strange), then I was like…HEY...I’ve ridden invisible horses and do great numbers of odd things…I think most people are used to it by now. (sorry mom and dad).

The real reason why I took the iris out of my eyes is because I accidentally looked to far in the opposite direction, resulting in a freaky, blind looking person. I just continued to erase. Perhaps I could be like that crazy girl Victoria on the most recent season of American’s top model who always had an outlandish backstory to every shoot. Like I’m a southern-diva-bar-wench-with-diabetes on a quest to gain back my eyesight in the land of farthingshore in the uncertain era of 07976, and I sort of like cake, but beets are actually my favorite.


I then decided the coloring was all wrong and switched it over to blue/green tones. The top is definitely more “oil painting” but the green/blue is very moody. I don’t know which I prefer.


Below is the true length of my hair. I Photoshopped more in because what emo-oil-painting maiden wouldn’t have long flowing hair?



  1. you are so hilariously awesome and so talented. i love it!!

  2. Wow these are so cool! I like the one on top best! Man, how are we friends?

    1. Aww em-em and anne :) you guys are the best!
      em, we should do more drama weird pics soon


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