Tuesday, March 26, 2013



Nothing like a freezing Tuesday to trap you inside and hunker you down to projects. Really, can it be spring yet? I decided that instead of trying to finish stretching my big canvases while it’s cold out, I’d go small. Tiny paintings for  a tiny gallery for a tiny art auction. Their terribly terrific tiny selves make smile simply because anything tiny is like 95 times cuter than the real version. Case in point, puppies, kittens, need I say more?

Also since I haven’t been painting much, this was a much needed kick to get back into the paint. I’d forgotten how relaxing it is…until I got fed up from painting so tiny with little dabs. My non time oriented self decided that I could whip these out like fast food burgers, fast and fatty. WRONG. I’m so slow.

Someone asked me “hey, I’d like like 3 or 5 of those” and I saw the flaw of my plan. Most people would want to group the tiny things. Hopefully I’ll just get faster so that phrase won’t be so intimidating!  I guess I should take it as a compliment that people think I can whip these out as easy as breathing…but reality people, reality.

IMG_3165bbbIMG_3161bbb  IMG_3156nbvvIMG_3158bb

So here’s the thing. I have a friend trying to work overseas this summer in South Asia. She’s going to be helping teach children in an orphanage. I’d love to paint you something specific or sell you one of the tiny paintings with the profits going toward her trip. (hence, tiny auction).


  1. tiny cheerful art
  2. pocket sized for your convenience  (in the words of Mushu)
  3. goes to a good cause


Add one to your cubical? refrigerator? locker? tiny awkward walls? dollhouse? Do I sound like an Info Commercial?

Just contact me (see sidebar on right) or leave a message in the comments. I will sell to the highest bidder since they’re for charity. Smallest squares are 2x2inches. Small rectangles are 2x3 inches. Larger panels are 8x12inches.

IMG_3159bbbme2  mene2  nene3bebe3we3  we 

I’m still finishing up some and I’ll be adding more, so keep checking back.

IMG_3242IMG_3240  IMG_3239IMG_3238


  1. WHY AM I POOR?!

    ...I did just buy 6 tiny canvases to paint on. I'm better with tiny things. I used one to paint a little bird for my grandma. I turned out better than I expected!


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