Sunday, March 17, 2013

FIDDLE FIDDLE FIDDLE FIG (…other wise know as the post where I take to many photos of the living room)


Jolly St. Patricks day to yall and a very merry first day of spring. I’m assuming most everyone else is going crazy in this weather now that we’re experiencing temperatures of perfection. I’ve spent as much time outside as I possibly could and with the windows open. I’m also grateful for the gigantic window by my desk at work so I can look out and daydream.

To celebrate the weather I woke up at 7am on Saturday morning so I could wait outside the door at Seven Oaks Plant shop. It’s an amazing little place that sells all local veggies and flowers. The staff are incredibly nice and offered some really helpful tips while I perused.

Three months ago I met the fiddle fig. I developed a crush. I have visited it in the store at least four times to check if it was still nestled like a secret in the back. . Come Saturday, I geared up to go get the Fiddle Fig with the 25% off sale for the first day of spring. That’s why I had to wake up so early. I’ve never been to a mad plant buying frenzy but this was like black Friday (Except most everyone one was over 40 or a little quirky. Quirky people seem to like plants). 

And then she was mine.

I could enjoy her intense green fun filled self all day. And I do, I look over and see the plant and it just makes me happy inside. It helps the room feel green and full of life.

The room is kind of funny now because half of it is full of color and very fun, and then the couch is very subdued. It’s like the room has a Sméagol complex. It’s a little busy on the eyes in some areas but that’s what tweaking is for. For now, here's the living room and Fiddle Fig:

IMG_3037bIMG_3025  IMG_3113IMG_3036IMG_3014b  dju5eIMG_3021  IMG_3110IMG_3101IMG_3044bIMG_3018IMG_3011IMG_3031

IMG_3022IMG_3048IMG_3047IMG_3124 IMG_3051IMG_3121

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  1. let's celebrate your plant!! haha. i want to see it !: ) your living rooms looks AWESOME


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