Sunday, March 17, 2013

Life according to a small white box (with bunny ears).

last week my mom and I and a friend took a fun little adventure down to ikea land and had ever so much fun wandering those lovely displays. I was more than in love with the new black and white textiles including this lovely fabric. The little fake plant in my living room makes me so happy so I picked up another one for our windowless bathroom (because hey, I can’t kill it!!).

IMG_1261 IMG_1265

My cute mum is always up for sampling a little POANG chair. Equally adorable are the little tiny rattan AGEN chairs for the kiddos…the kind of cute that makes you go Squeeee!! in the store and prance about it, thinking of an entire mini front porch. It’s like the puppy of chairs.

IMG_1268  IMG_1260

IKEA only has a jillion lights that are awesome, but the rattan pendant is particularly lovely and I loved these space-age surface illuminating crazies.


I considered getting this 15 dollar shelf for plants to hang out on. Also considered getting these trestle legs to put a wood top on for extra desk space.

IMG_1269 IMG_1285 IMG_1286

Since Charley has  a lovey dovey thing for stainless steel, I sent him pictures while he was at work of all the pretty stainless countertops and kitchens. He virtually swooned over those gorgeous vents and the induction cooktop (which he has apparently replaced as his desire in daydream-kitchen-world…Before he always wanted a gas range). And those swirly brown & black countertops, I’d never be able to have a kitchen with them because they’d make me crave extreme moose tracks ice-cream ALL THE TIME.

IMG_1291  IMG_1292  IMG_1294IMG_1295 IMG_1301IMG_1310  IMG_1298  IMG_1314IMG_1305  IMG_1313

We had Swedish meatballs of course:

IMG_1322  IMG_1340IMG_1323IMG_1326

Meanwhile the baby/kid section tried to convince me it was time for a nursery….but then I remembered what it was like to be a nanny and decided to relish in the place of life where I’m at (footloose and fancy free for the moment).

IMG_1335 IMG_1330 IMG_1327

Close to the end, I celebrated the sheepskin section ( I heart my sheepskin) and decided they'd make a great dress for the Carolina cup. so preppy, yes. Lastly, as mentioned on instagram, those acrylic chairs are still my favorite ikea chair….I’d rather like a couple, six, ALLL OF THEEEEMMM in the WOOOORLLLD!! (it was the coffee).


For the rest of the week I worked and took the normal number of selfies with dog….because we know the world never gets tired of seeing that right? of course.

IMG_1376  IMG_1463  IMG_1386IMG_1072  IMG_0362  IMG_0658IMG_0659

Sometimes this resulted in selfy without dog in which I look like a grouch. Thanks to my desk job work attire, I make a very convincing librarian cat lady. Thanks to my new haircut with layers,I’ve been wearing it natural and curly a lot more. If I wears it curly too often it just turns in to a gnarly mass of knots. ( You should take the liberty of saying gnarly knots outloud right now…fun words!).

IMG_1350 IMG_1436 IMG_1526  IMG_1113  IMG_0305  IMG_0435 IMG_0342

Other times I can even convince the husband into the picture but accidentally look like the human thumb guy.


We actually went out to eat in an actual restaurant with an actual husband wearing civilian clothes and not a chef jacket (at our favorite: Baan Sawan).  We also accidentally dressed in black and grey striped shirts and dark pants one day…I guess the theory that you start to look alike is true. After our dates we usually just like to loaf on the couch and play video games and watch movies…we’re so interesting like that.

IMG_1097  IMG_1095  IMG_1229IMG_1231  IMG_1246

Some other things that have made me happy:

1. time to do art last week when work was slow

IMG_1200  IMG_1211  IMG_1132IMG_1136  IMG_1140

2. seven oaks plant shop ….perusing through trees/bushes because I super duper-dee want something hard to kill to hang out in my living room.


3.  Sneaking Juneau inside so I can take her picture while she lounges in the sunbeam.

IMG_1511  IMG_1517  IMG_1510IMG_1515IMG_1521

4.  walking home from work and enjoying spring’s nearness (and booing the fact that it’s still cold.)

IMG_1430  IMG_1429IMG_1427

5.  putting a slice of bread on Juneau's face


6.  scoring some pretty pallet boards


7. celebrating mom’s birthday with my family

IMG_1539  IMG_1534  IMG_1537

8.  Eating dinner that Charley made for the first time in two months (he cooks at work and not so much at home).

9.  Finishing it with java chip icecream

IMG_1483  IMG_1486 

10. Finding a box of old cards I’d made for charley.

IMG_1408  IMG_1407

11.  Enjoying the wonderful house that we are blessed to be renting.

  IMG_1480  IMG_1478  IMG_1433  IMG_1541  IMG_1158  IMG_1531  IMG_1162    IMG_1165IMG_1167      IMG_1169  IMG_1557

IMG_1180  IMG_1176  IMG_1182  IMG_1188  IMG_1190  IMG_1193IMG_1542  IMG_1544IMG_1561IMG_1548    IMG_1221IMG_1550IMG_1222  IMG_1553  IMG_1351

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  1. oh my GOSH your home is so freaking cute. i love it!! and yeay for all the fun stuff!!!! : )


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