Tuesday, March 19, 2013



We decided that we should commemorate Bruno by doing what Bruno loved best: Eating.

What's not to love about a little back yard campfire and a steak? We through some turnips, butter and onions and herbs into some tinfoil and enjoyed a few baby greens and vinegrette on the side. Charley brought us some hazelnut gelato from work yesterday too. It was a nice little break to spend with my husband whom I see like once a month because the restaurant makes him so tired.

…and of course Juneau was ever so thrilled that we were dining out with her on her turf. She makes an excellent pillow for lounging in the grass. Charley and I took turns giving her little bits of steak. Spoiled pup, but we felt especially appreciative of having her for a pet today. We stayed out well into dark not saying much, just enjoying the fading embers.


IMG_3125 IMG_3144IMG_3129g87IMG_3138  IMG_3137IMG_3151

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