Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sticky buns


Charley finally brought home some pastries from work!   He’s been making these flaky “pop tarts” with fig and honey, or apple, or chocolate filled insides. Oak table has been using them almost like party favors and they’re a pretty big hit with the business crowd. Charley’s Sunday special is his jumbo-huge-big-as-your-face sticky buns.  If you’re looking for a healthy saturation of sugar and pecan- Sunday’s your day. They are also starting to do these home-style sit down dinners on Sunday where you have platters sitting on the table and everyone shares (like a whole roast pig persay).

Juneau was very intent on getting some when I tried to set up a food photo on the patio table. (well duh? who wouldn’t fight hard to get some?)




I let her inside later that night for a second. She remembered the existence of food and check out this begging action:




No stickybuns for you.



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