Friday, October 5, 2012

goodbye’s are sad


These past few weeks have been a blessing. I feel at peace. I feel like things are starting to get back on track. So many good things have kept happening. I love my job. I love my home. I love being back in touch with my friends.  I love my husband for loving and working so hard at his job. His excitement for it is so encouraging.

That being said, I miss “my” kids. I miss goofy moments and getting told all the latest knock knock jokes from school. I miss being part of their day and teaching them things, taking them to things. Enjoying nature and bike rides. I miss that they really know me and that I have the nickname “Dori the fish” because they know I’m scatter minded at times. I miss butterfly princesses spontaneous laughter and little man’s cheeky grin when he knocks something over.  I’m sad to no longer be their nanny.

So while I’m happy in so many things right now, I’m here just to say: Goodbyes are sad. That and not much else. Perhaps a little bittersweet as we look forward to when we’ll see each other again.




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