Tuesday, October 23, 2012

it’s the little things


Perhaps the most non-thrilling post ever: The day I cleaned insignificant things.  For example, the light switches had accumulated some wear and tear grime. Their purpose is after all to be touched-makes sense that there’s a fair share of dirt in there huh? Since the plates were off white to begin with –I picked up a few shiny white ones to match the white living room. A lot of the electrical sockets need to be replaced to match but it’s a start. And what could be more satisfying than spiffy new light switches?




I also cleaned the door tracks, windows crevices and the vents with vinegar. Some crazy lady on pinterest suggested using q-tips for cleaning vents. She’s correct, they clean awesomely. They would also take about 40 hours of intensely concentrated scrubbing each individual grate rung. Nadda. Also, it took me about 9 Q-tips just for that little section. I switched to a sponge but it still took a bit of scrubbing. Scrubbing bubbles would probably work well but I had none.



My trivial accomplishments for the day:

  1. scrub bathroom grout
  2. clean inside of washer dryer
  3. clean window tracks
  4. clean vents
  5. steam vac couch.
  6. change ac filters
  7. paint living room trim

stuff I still need to do:

  1. clean fridge
  2. reorganize cabinets
  3. wash curtains
  4. keep scrubbing grout
  5. get the dead leaves off the roof
  6. find a second job

ps. Said accomplishments most likely in result of not accomplishing #5 of things I still need to do.

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