Friday, October 5, 2012



A while back we primed the living room and hallway and patched is our “in process”. We still have the hard part left of choosing a color and hanging photos. You may have noticed that we had a rug in there before. We moved it to our bedroom because covering up wood so pretty just felt wrong. The room gets surprisingly less light than you would think during the day so I’ve changed whites a few zillion times. I basically wish that I could have a different shade of white on the wall for different times of the day. White looks so lovely in naturally lit spaces, but it’s tricky to get it to say “designer” as opposed to “dingy”. I’ll be even more confused if we go with a color. Decisions, decisions. (feel free to imput).


 IMG_9708 IMG_9737IMG_9710IMG_9712 IMG_9743IMG_9748 IMG_9715IMG_9730 IMG_9745IMG_9714 IMG_9731IMG_9741 IMG_9716 

Like most things, it’s just going to take some tweaking. Living in it for a while and then changing things up. And as this month of hair demonstrates, I’m up for trying new things (and being indecisive). Oh and in if you’re wondering what happened with the hair- Charley preferred the blonde and the box was washing out (which also takes some of your current pigment with it leaving your hair rather grey looking). I liked the brown, but I’m so used to it being blonde. In the end, I can’t decide which one I like better.


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