Friday, October 12, 2012

My glasses came


I have been stalking the mail for two weeks waiting for my glasses to arrive. I sucked the life out of my very last pair of contacts. I was a bit worried ordering glasses through the mail having never tried them on but I have to say I was surprised. I got these for 30 bucks at Zenni optical while Wal-Mart wanted like $150. I found out about it through this lovely lady who posted her thoughts on glasses exactly when started glasses shopping.  I went to three different stores to sample size and shape and disliked about 99% of what I put on my face. Being that I’m built like a stick and wear grandma clothes, everything I tried pushed me towards nerd. I decided to just go with it and by the huge glasses. I try really hard to not look like a hipster. The hubby especially hates hipsters. But I think there’s something about loving camera’s and geekery  that just draws you to make those decisions.




I tried to take an “old man in the chair” photo but the only news paper we had was a publix ad.




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