Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Night out: OAK TABLE




My friend Anne and I went out for dessert tonight at the Oak Table (where the hubs works). I decided to get all retro and wear lipstick with my glasses- only to regret it’s reappearance on the edge of my water glass. That always looks gross.

I was extremely flattered by how congenial people were. The wait staff and employees and chefs from the back all made it to our table and said hello and asked how we were doing. They have some seriously cool people, especially executive Chef Joseph Jacobson and the food he’s putting on the table.

They surprised us with a scallops appetizer. I’ve only had scallops on a few occasions due to rubbery childhood trauma and these babies were cooked absolutely perfectly. A golden brown exterior but my fork ran through with no resistance whatsoever. Anne got the Tuna, lightly seared, served on some rich Smokey cherry tomatoes and mushrooms. I chowed down on some beer battered onion rings with bourbon ketchup. Girls gotta have some onions every now and again right?

Our dessert plate from the incredibly handsome pastry chef Charley was a scattered selection of pretty much everything. I mean who could pick just one- so we got greedy and tasted them all…in smaller proportions of course. But before I describe them in their glory, you’ll have to wait because I’m going back to take some pictures.

If you were looking to visit yourself, I’d recommend the butterscotch bread pudding made from buttery brioche. It’s  seasonal, homey and warm. Also their signature drink right now smells so good I’d like to plug it in the wall and call it a Glade. It’s called “legend of the fall” and it has a deep cinnamon and cider arrangement chilling in some whiskey. It basically taste like the fall holidays on crack.

PS. you’ll find Oak Table down on the end of Main street at Gervais, Columbia, SC overlooking the capital.



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