Saturday, September 1, 2012



My little turnip sprouted on the counter. It was leftover from a meal I made last week.  I made a roasted chicken with carrots and celery and stuffed with lemon, garlic and rosemary. With the chicken broth & vegetables I made a reduction sauce and roasted the turnip in butter for a side. Charley made the wonderfully crusty bread loaf. It’s made with olive oil so the middle remains unbelievably moist. It’s flour-ey exterior had been begging me to photograph it but I never had time. We stuck it in the freezer and I pulled it out today.



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….and for the photo geeks, this is my little set up. I used some cookbooks and a heavy pot to stand my birch plywood up on the table. I pushed the table up to catch the window light at a 45 degree angle and set the reflector to balance things out and highlight the underneath of the bread. My bertoia chair has nothing to do with anything but I’m just super excited to be it’s owner. I found it when we moved for 30 bucks under a bunch of junk at an antique store. It’s the real thing too, so quite a steal. It makes my heart happy to see it’s modern footprint.



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