Thursday, September 27, 2012

The backyard

We’s settled. We’d in. We’s hangin in the yard. Point being: the great outdoors has won over my heart. (I’m sorry charley, it’s won me over way before you). We feel a zillion times blessed to be able to have this lovely little pocket of life. The light that streams in at 5-7 right now is divine and fallish and makes me run to the chai tea with a song in my heart.

Happiness is having nearly every neighbor has come over to greet us in person or ring our doorbell and welcome us to the neighborhood. Surprising, refreshing and comforting considering the iffyness of our last place.  And after living in the city with everyone so close together, being in an actual house is more fantastic than fixing a bad wedgy. (It’s a good analogy, think it through).

And whoever figured out that “silence is golden”, I'd raise a glass to that. Our old place was by the airport. Boo ya, passing jets.

The things that woo me most in the back yard are the Christmas lights strung up in their  little twinkly winking ways.




The little signs that Melody made. She has more pretty art here, like these paintings and scarves and jewelry:


Be Wise - 4x4 - canvas painting organic cotton cowl

see that little sign in the garden? it really just makes my day. It’s crazy that the wildflowers are already spend and  tucking themselves in for winter- another reminder that it’s time for that chai tea..and big wooly socks. Just a few short weeks ago that bed was wild and beautiful with the beaming flower faces. Butterfly’s included.



There’s also a hammock, tree house with swings, and a chicken coop. We really want chickens or quail, we’re just trying to figure out if we could make it work.




“yes mom, please buy chickens….yes…chickens….”

IMG_2188 IMG_2190

IMG_2179 IMG_2193


IMG_2174 IMG_2185IMG_2173

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