Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Why Tumblr sucks….

Pinterest is usually pretty cool about Linking sources. They state in their policy that there is an etiquette to be had for giving credit for someone’s stuff. But thanks to tumblr, my image can be posted with no source and then immediately lost in cyberspace and duplicated a thousand times leaving no direct trail as to the author. For example, on pinterest the other day I saw my image sourced as coming from here:


which sources nothing except that they’ve gotten it on someone else's tumbler. So they link back for instance to :

But they don’t even link the direct page, so you get infinite stream of someone's tumbler page and no way to find your image if you wanted to persay send a nice email to someone reminding them to Link sources.

And then, no one who see’s the pin on any other social media has a clue of where it came from.


WHY should it matter so much?

because linking sources creates feed. Feed creates business. Business feed’s poor young married people who did this as a job.

So you say, My fault- I should have watermarked my images.

It’s true, I should have. But I still hate to compromise an image with a watermark slapped across it. You can’t fully appreciate it.

so people a few reminder’s at the end of the day:


1. watermark your work

2. site your sources, give credit where credit is due, on facebook, blogger, whatever….seriously, it’s important!

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  1. I agree 100%! It's not only rude to not credit, but when you have to go searching through ten or more pages on tumblr to find the original source because you WANT to credit the right person, it's nearly impossible! When I like someone's work enough to post it on my blog I want to make sure they get the credit for their hard work. Otherwise it's just not worth their putting up work at all!


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