Wednesday, September 12, 2012


This week has been absolutely crazy and we’ve been back and forth between Columbia and Charleston. Tuesday morning we woke up and moved Zack and his stuff to his new place, then we spent the rest of the afternoon packing ours. Packing was especially grueling because we just did it not but a month ago and were completely unpacked. We had to deal with much remorse over wasted time and wasted money, accept it and move forward. We had just finished getting a lot of stuff unwrapped out of storage so there was more than what we packed the first time. Basically, God’s given me a double wammy reminder that we have A LOT of STUFF. We will happy when all is said and done and less transitional. Right now we are halfway moved and staying with family.

It’s a little confusing for Juneau but  doesn’t seem to have affected the hedgehog at all. Juneau always barks a lot at our packing boxes and gets into hyper curious mode. She will pull things out of boxes we have already packed and take a climb through the empty cabinets. I shut her in the laundry room and she knocked her treats on the ground and ate half the box. Now she is a fat confused dog with a tummy ache. I had packed the car so tight that I almost forgot that she’d need a spot to sit. Fortunately she was rewarded by being able to play with Anoosh all of today.

We are both so excited and are looking forward to the days to head. Longing for the settled feeling and knowing where everything is. Coming back into town we have been immediately surrounded by friends and family and have felt a huge confirmation in making this decision. The joy in my heart of being near my friends, able to invite them over for tea or a talk has been the motivation to get through the rougher moments…The honey-where’s-the emulsion-blender-why-can’t-you-pack-like-an-organized-person moments. (No really, creative minds shouldn’t be professional movers. )

Tomorrow is another day of begging people to hire me. Pray for me?

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